Cling Film 300FT 6Pcs 30cm

Cling Film 300FT 6Pcs 30cm



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Cling Film 300FT X 30cm X 6Pcs / CTN.

0.6kg gross /pc.

0.4kg net/pc.

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Cling Film 300FT 6Pcs 30cm

the perfect solution for all your food storage and preservation needs. Our high-quality cling film offers a secure and hygienic way to wrap and protect your food, keeping it fresh for longer periods. With its generous length of 300 feet and a pack of 6 rolls, you’ll have an ample supply to last you through many cooking and storage sessions.

Our cling film is designed to adhere tightly to various surfaces, creating an airtight seal that helps lock in freshness and prevent food spoilage. Its 30cm width ensures versatility, allowing you to cover plates, bowls, containers, and even oddly-shaped items with ease. Whether you’re storing leftovers, prepping meals in advance, or packing lunches for work or school, our cling film is your go-to solution.

The Cling Film 300FT 6Pcs 30cm is made from high-quality materials that are safe for food contact. It is BPA-free, ensuring that no harmful chemicals will leach into your food. Our film is also microwave-safe, making it convenient for reheating meals or defrosting frozen ingredients without having to transfer them to another container.

In addition to its practical functionality, our cling film is also environmentally friendly. It is made from a recyclable material, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet. By choosing our cling film, you’re making a conscious decision to minimize plastic waste.

Key Features:
1. 300 feet length and pack of 6 rolls for extended use
2. 30cm width for versatile coverage
3. Airtight seal for optimal food preservation
4. BPA-free and safe for food contact
5. Microwave-safe for convenient reheating and defrosting
6. Made from recyclable materials, promoting sustainability

At ShamPack , we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Our Cling Film 300FT 6Pcs 30cm undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its durability and performance. We understand the importance of reliable food storage solutions in the kitchen, and our cling film is designed to meet your highest expectations.

Don’t compromise on the freshness and safety of your food. Invest in the Cling Film 300FT 6Pcs 30cm today and experience the convenience and reliability it offers. Order now and transform your food storage routine with this essential kitchen tool!

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