Stretch Film Machine grade T20

Stretch Film Machine grade T20


Stretch film Machine Grade

T20 – 13 kg -23 Micron – 500 mm- 1000M

1.8 kg core 3 inches ( 76mm dia )

Machine grade high quality

Stretch Film Machine grade T20

– your ultimate solution for efficient and secure packaging. Designed for industrial use, this high-quality stretch film roll is engineered to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications. Whether you need to wrap large pallets or secure bulky items during transit, our Stretch Film 13kg Jumbo Roll is the ideal choice.

With stretch Film  T20 jumbo roll a weight capacity of 13 kilograms,

This jumbo roll provides ample material for extended usage, minimizing the need for frequent replacements. Its generous dimensions ensure compatibility with a wide range of packaging machines, allowing for seamless integration into your existing production line. Save time and increase productivity with our machine-grade stretch film.

Crafted from durable, puncture-resistant materials, our stretch film guarantees exceptional strength and resilience. Its exceptional elasticity enables optimal load retention, effectively preventing items from shifting or collapsing during transportation. Say goodbye to damaged goods and hello to peace of mind.

Our Stretch Film T20 Machine Grade

is designed with versatility in mind. It adheres to various surfaces with ease, accommodating irregularly shaped objects and ensuring a tight, secure wrap every time. This film also boasts excellent clarity, providing visibility to the contents of the wrapped items without compromising on strength.

When it comes to convenience, our Stretch Film 13kg Jumbo Roll delivers. The roll features a core that allows for effortless handling and quick installation on your packaging machine. The film unwinds smoothly, ensuring a hassle-free wrapping process. It’s an efficient and cost-effective choice for high-volume packaging needs.

In addition to its exceptional functionality, our Stretch Film 13kg Jumbo Roll is environmentally friendly. It is manufactured using eco-conscious materials and production processes, reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to sustainability efforts.

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today and experience the next level of packaging excellence. Enhance your operations with a product that combines strength, durability, and versatility. Trust our jumbo roll to protect your valuable goods during transit, ensuring they reach their destination in optimal condition. Invest in quality, efficiency, and peace of mind with our premium Stretch Film Machine Grade T20.

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