Duct Tape 10 yd x 2 inches

Duct Tape 10 yd x 2 inches


Duct Tape

10 YD – 2 inches

24 pcs/ctn.

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Duct Tape/Cloth Duct Tape

Duct tape, cloth tape, gaffer tape, fabric base tape

Product Description

Material: Using textile fiber cloth as carrier and coating with pressure sensitive adhesive.
Color : gray, silver.

Feature: Strong adhesive, easy tear and tensile resistance, resistance to oil wax , anti corrosive, belongs to insulation adhesive tape.

Widely used in heavy packing sealing , bundling, stitching, thermal insulation material, carpet joint fixation, cables, telephones line etc.

Color gray Visually
Width 46 mm
Length 10 yd
Quantity 24 pcs/ctn.
Adhesive water base sensitive Adhesive n/a
Thickness 200±10 Micron
Peel Strength ≥3 N/25mm
Tensile Strength ≥40 N/25mm
Holding Power >3 Hour
Rolling Ball Tack ≤120 mm
Application Temperature 60 ºC
Max. Temperature Resistance 60 ºC

Product should be stored in a cool, dry area in original packing and to use within 12 month of shipment n stored at 21°C (70°F) / 50% relative humidity out of direct sunlight.

It is essential, as with all pressure-sensitive tapes, that the surface to which the tape is applied must be clean, dry, and free of grease, oil or other contaminants.


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