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Clear Tape 50 Yards: The Ultimate All-Purpose Adhesive Solution

Are you in need of a versatile and reliable adhesive for your everyday tasks? Look no further than Clear Tape 50 Yards! Our premium-grade transparent tape is designed to tackle a wide range of projects, providing you with a strong and long-lasting bond that won’t let you down. With its superior quality and convenient length, Clear Tape 50 Yards is the perfect adhesive companion for all your crafting, packaging, and household needs.

Key Features:

1. Unmatched Clarity: Clear Tape 50 Yards offers exceptional transparency, allowing you to seamlessly blend it with any surface. It becomes virtually invisible once applied, providing a clean and professional look to your projects.

2. Strong and Durable: Our tape is engineered to provide a reliable hold. Whether you’re securing lightweight materials or packaging heavy items, Clear Tape 50 Yards ensures a firm grip that withstands the test of time.

3. Generous Length: With a length of 50 yards, this roll of clear tape offers an ample supply for your various projects. You won’t have to worry about running out of adhesive in the middle of a task, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

4. Easy to Use: Clear Tape 50 Yards features a smooth unwinding mechanism, allowing for effortless application. Its user-friendly design makes it suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

5. Versatile Applications: From gift wrapping and scrapbooking to sealing envelopes and repairing torn paper, Clear Tape 50 Yards is the go-to solution for countless applications. It adheres to a variety of surfaces, including paper, plastic, glass, and fabric.

Why Choose Clear Tape 50 Yards?

1. Exceptional Quality: We take pride in manufacturing our clear tape to the highest standards. Every roll undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

2. Long-Lasting Performance: Clear Tape 50 Yards is designed to endure. It maintains its adhesive properties even under challenging conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

3. Affordable and Economical: Our competitively priced clear tape offers great value for your money. With 50 yards of adhesive at your disposal, you can complete multiple projects without breaking the bank.

4. Professional Results: Clear Tape 50 Yards delivers professional-grade results, giving your projects a polished and refined appearance. Say goodbye to messy adhesives and hello to a clean and seamless finish.

Experience the Power of Clear Tape 50 Yards Today!

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a small business owner, or a busy homemaker, Clear Tape 50 Yards is an indispensable tool that streamlines your adhesive needs. Its unmatched clarity, superior strength, and generous length make it the perfect choice for all your crafting, packaging, and household tasks. Get your hands on Clear Tape 50 Yards and experience the transformative power of a truly exceptional adhesive solution!

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Color Clear (transparent ) N/A
Width 48 MM
Length 50 YD
Quantity 36 PCS
Adhesive Acrylic Water Base N/A
Thickness 50 Micron
Peel Strength ≥3 N/25mm
Tensile Strength ≥40 N/25mm
Holding Power >4 Hour
Rolling Ball Tack ≤120 mm
Application Temperature 60 ºC
Max. Temperature Resistance 60 ºC

Packaging, Wrapping Strapping & Bundling, General Applications, gift wrapping, advertising, marking,
decorations etc.

Product should be stored in a cool, dry area in original packing and to use within 12month of shipment n
stored at 24°C relative humidity out of direct sunlight.

It is essential, as with all pressure-sensitive tapes, that the surface to which the tape is applied must be
clean, dry, and free of grease, oil or other contaminants.

It is essential that the user evaluate the Sham tape product to determine whether it is fit for a particular
purpose and user’s method of application. Good results will be obtained when applied to a clean, dry
surface with a suitable pressure on the Sham Tape product between +10 ~ +60°C


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