Sham Packing materials industry LLC

We are professional manufacturer of various kinds of packing materials with wide using in our life like clear Opp packing tapes, coloured packing tapes, Masking tapes, Stretch films, wrapping films, some others…
Sham Packing materials industry LLC, located in United Arab Emirates in um Al Quwain City.We have convenient transportation and highly-developed economy.
Our main products include Bopp packing tapes, masking tapes, etc.  We are selling in local and international market.
In order to further explore our domestic and international markets, the company keeps improving its product quality control. Under the guideline of “win with quality, people-oriented, keep improving and manage strictly “.The company strengths is investment in science and technology, and new product development.In addition, the Company makes effort to enlarge market network and struggles to create famous brand in UAE Sham High Quality.
We would like to provide fast distribution at reasonable price in order to meet the demands of customers and we also would like to provide the before-sale, on-sale and after-sale services.We look forward to the cooperation with suppliers, trade companies and agents etc.
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